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Commonly Confused Homophones

WordPart of SpeechExample
areverbWe are tired.
ouradjectiveThat is our dog.
hournounIt is almost lunch hour.
byenounShe did play however, she got a bye into the next round.
buyverbI went to the store to buy a loaf of bread.
byprepostionThe boat sat by the lake.
capitalnounHe was angry and wrote the email in all capital letters.
capitolnounMr. Smith went to the capitol.
censusnounAccording to the more recent census Rachel is not as popular of name for girls as it once was.
sensesnounDespite the two beers, his senses were quite clear.
cheapadjectiveThe food was cheap and salty.
cheepnounThe bird at my window had been cheeping all night.
citeverbHe could cite Shakespeare appropriately for any occasion.
sitenounHe believed in showing up to the job site early.
sightnounAt the sight of another ship, the pirates grabbed their swords.
genesnounShe claimed her running ability came from her parents genes.
jeansnounMy grandmother still complains about the kids with the baggy jeans.
itsadjectiveEverything on my desk is in its place.
it'scontraction for "it is"It's been a long time since that cowboy showed his face around here.
intenseadjectiveAfter many years of intense training he was able to snatch the stone from the master's hand.
intentsnounWho really knows what the director's intent was?
knownounI know all about fly fishing.
noadverb No cake for me, thanks.
presentsnounAt Christmas time the children open all their presents.
presencenounThe karate teacher had a knowing presence about him.
toprepostionWe went to the barbershop.
tooadverb This coffee is too hot!
twonounI have two dollars.
thereadverb Sit over there by the table.
theiradjectiveIt's their court and their rules.
they'recontraction for "they are"They're boarding the plane now.
weathernounThe weather is lovely this time of year.
whetherconjunctionI couldn't tell whether this ship was sea worthy.
witherverbTheir love, like the plants without water, withered.
who'scontraction for "who is"Who's she fighting for?
whoseadjectiveWhose flower is this?
With practice you too will become a master of homophone spelling and write fearlessly.